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My name is DJ Sean Sax and this blog will be . . . I don't think it'll be a blog as such. It'll probably just be me throwing up links and pics that indadvertedly reveal how much of a lefty, awake, music nerd, equipment geek, joker I am. Maybe that is a blog after all? Damned if I know.

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Fire. Pure fire.

There’s something to be said about the ‘purity’ aspects of playing vinyl as a deejay. But there is also something to be said of its limitations. A horse drawn buggy is great for a ride around the farm but do you REALLY want to use that joint for a business trip from Toronto to Los Angeles? Nostalgia has its place but stay in the NOW as well fellow deejays. Keeps you from getting stuck in the past.

New visuals from Russel Taylor for ‘Hope’. *NSFW* if you’re prone to easily crying at sad things.

$150. U.S. I’d pay a max of $150 U.S. to see this play if it were real. And it’d have to be in Chicago or Detroit.

Bryan Cranston Performs One-Man MLB on TBS Postseason Show


Once you’re a Black man with enough power to influence minds outside of your community the snakes will try to bring you down. They will pinpoint, magnify and disseminate all of your flaws and mistakes and try to convince the world that those are the entirety of your composition.

Keep trying. For although these fake gatekeepers of the so called “truth” may be able to convince the feeble-minded that all that you do and say is of no worth to anyone, your brothers know better. We know it’s hard enough trying to keep own your head above water out here much less do ANYTHING to help others who are drowning. So even if YOU make it to safety on that fancy luxury liner, when you take the time out to throw me a life preserver I won’t fault you if your aim is sometimes untrue. Black man you are trying to help. That’s worth something. And I won’t have any of these snakes tell me any different.

I can’t defend you on that Kardashian ting though. What the hell guy? LoL!

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Wow. She light dat ass on fire. Rapsody. Jamla is The Squad!


From the forthcoming Jamla Records release “Beauty and The Beast” available October 7th on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and Spotify. #INDIE500 #JAMLA

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Moog Sub 37 Tribute edition is on it’s way. In the U.K. at least (it’s an American company so pretty sure they’ll be here soon as well). The regular Sub 37 along with Arturia’s MiniBrute are currently on my wishlist. It’s a Moog but I still wanna hear how it sounds first.